Send Kelp!

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German premiere

Frances, a young woman, decides to set up her own seaweed farm in British Columbia. She wants to set an example, because the miraculous marine organisms have superpowers that can also be used to combat hunger in the world.

But first Frances needs the help of scientists, wild collectors and business people who know the potential of the algae, but also the challenges that the harvest brings. As Frances implements her plan step by step, she discovers that it is possible to bring about change: with energy, strength and heart.

The film not only tells the story of an individual commitment, it also shows fascinating images of an underwater world in which the camera dives deep and directly into the biotope of seaweed.

Blake McWilliam is an award-winning Canadian director and producer. His productions have been shown at leading film festivals. The documentary SEND KELP! is McWilliam's directorial debut as a documentary filmmaker.
Blake McWilliam
Blake McWilliam

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Blake McWilliam


Dr. Stefan Sebök

Algenprojekt, Potsdam

Moderation: Julia Vismann


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