Fuchs und Hase retten den Wald

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Fox, hare and owl are best friends. Together with the wild boar, the seal, the penguin and the mermaid, they throw a colorful party with delicious homemade cake and a super long water slide. Later, while everyone is asleep, the anxious owl notices a strange splashing noise during its night watch. And rivulets that slowly flood the forest clearing of her home.

Owl follows the strange noise and arrives at a huge dam. It is the work of a very strong beaver with a thirst for building, who has great toys but no friends. He has built a gigantic amusement park in the middle of the lake and finally wants to hear from Owl how great he and his beaver work are.

When Fox and Hare realize the next morning that Owl is gone and that their home could perish, they launch a rapid rescue operation. Fortunately, they can count on their friends Wild Boar, Penguin, Seal and Mermaid. Together they go on an incredible adventure, even outwit the nasty rats on their motorboat and find out why a home-baked cake is actually so freaking tasty.

Recommended for ages 5 and up

The screening takes place in cooperation with FILMFEST MÜNCHEN.

Mascha Halberstad is a Dutch filmmaker and illustrator. She directed the animated short films “Goodbye Mister De Vies” (2012), “Munya in Me” (2013) and the 13-part animated series “Picnic with Cake: The Tale of a Brave Little Fox”, which won the Cinekid Kinderkast Fiction Jury Prize. She then directed “The Great Hummimummi Christmas Special” (2017), followed by the animated series “Fox and Hare” (2018), which won the Cinekid Audience Award. Her first feature film “Oink's Revenge” (2022) premiered in the Berlinale Generation program and was selected at many festivals worldwide.
Mascha Halberstad
Janneke Van de Kerkhof, Bruno Felix, Eric Goossens, Anton Roebben, David Mouraire, Emmanuelle Vincent, Pierre Urbain

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Moderation: Britta Steffenhagen


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