Les gardiennes de la planète (Whale Nation)

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German premiere

A humpback whale has washed up on a remote coast. As a group of men and women organize its rescue, the film tells the extraordinary story of the whales that inhabit the world’s oceans and have been essential to the planet’s ecosystem for over 50 million years.

The production travels to four corners of the world to meet several of the marine mammals and tells the story of whales in the light of the latest scientific findings. With spectacular underwater footage, it invites us into the world of these majestic creatures – a hidden community, guardians of the memory of the earth and the ocean.

The narrative adopts an unusual perspective: with voiceover narration by Richard E. Grant the whale tells its own story. With brilliant cinematography and a unique soundtrack and music, the film gives the audience the impression of being in the skin of the whale.

Jean-Albert Lièvre is a French documentary filmmaker, photographer and author.
Jean-Albert Lièvre
Marc Dujardin, Julien Seul
Richard E. Grant (narrator)

Dazu im Gespräch:

Im Anschluss vertiefen Wissenschaftler:innen und Expert:innen die Themen des Films, liefern wichtige Zusatzinformationen und beantworten Fragen.

Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius

Meeresbiologin und Leiterin des Alfred-Wegener-Instituts

Jean-Albert Lièvre


Moderation: Dr. Simone Leinkauf

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