Raíz (Through Rocks and Clouds)

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Eight-year-old Feliciano is ecstatic: Peru has a chance of qualifying for the World Cup. Meanwhile, pressure from a mining company endangers Feliciano’s village and threatens his world and his dreams.

Feliciano looks after his parents’ alpaca herd every day. Always by his side as he works in a remote Andean region: the dog Rambo and the alpaca Ronaldo. He tells them all about soccer and the Peruvian national team’s World Cup qualifiers. Meanwhile, his parents have other worries. A mining company is putting pressure on the farmers to sell their land.

Franco García Becerra was born in Peru in 1977. His feature film debut Southern Winds (2018) premiered at the Lima Film Festival (Peru). Through Rocks and Clouds is his second feature film and received a Special Mention from the Generation Kplus International Jury during this year’s Berlinale.
Franco Garcia Becerra
Alberth Merma, Nely Huayta, Richard Taipe, Rubén Huillca, José Merma

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Moderation: Britta Steffenhagen


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