Das Kombinat

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Winner of the Klimaschutz-Filmpreis (Climate Protection Film Award) of the Ökofilmtour 2024.

Over a period of nine years, the documentary film Das Kombinat accompanies the “Kartoffelkombinat” from Munich on its moving journey from an idealistic idea to the largest community-supported agriculture in Germany.

The two founders of the “Kartoffelkombinat”, Daniel Überall and Simon Scholl, use the cultivation of vegetables as a Trojan horse to promote a much bigger idea. The two want a different economic system, an alternative to the capitalist mode of production. You ask yourself how we produce things, who owns the means of production and who should ultimately benefit from this production? Along the way, both specific horticultural and personal problems arise – and suddenly the project is on the verge of failure.

The Klimaschutz-Filmpreis (Climate Protection Film Award) of the Ökofilmtour is awarded by the state capital Potsdam.

In Cooperation with the Förderverein für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit im Natur- und Umweltschutz FÖN e.V., Veranstalter der Ökofilmtour www.oekofilmtour.de

Moritz Springer is an author, director and sound recordist.
Moritz Springer
Annekatrin Hendel

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Katrin Springer


Moritz Springer


Moderation: Julia Vismann


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