Deep Rising

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Jason Momoa tells this story about the industrialization of the last untouched habitats on our planet. In the search for solutions to the global energy crisis, the bottom of the deep sea is becoming the focus of attention.

Deep Rising tells the story of the levers companies use to exploit the deep sea. Because this seems to be where the solution to our energy needs lies: Valuable metals are hidden in the so-called “ocean nodules” deep in the seabed, which can be used to revolutionize the performance of electric batteries. Among other things, the film is about a mining startup that is trying to obtain funding for such a project and to get the green light from the International Seabed Authority. While the film tells of the intrigues and dodges of the profit-driven companies, the elementary question remains: Do we harvest the nodules as a natural resource for our energy needs or do we protect the deep sea and thus save the diversity of underwater inhabitants and their habitat?

The talk is part of a cooperation with LIT:potsdam.

Matthieu Rytz is a producer, curator, photographer and award-winning film director.
Matthieu Rytz
Matthieu Rytz
Jason Momoa (Narrator)

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