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2 episodes of the documentary series (Episode 3: Essen und Ernten and Episode 6: Wirtschaft mal anders)

The climate is changing. Experts are arguing about future scenarios, the situation is complicated. But is everything really hopeless?

Anke Engelke, Bjarne Mädel, Annette Frier, Axel Prahl, Sebastian Vettel, Pheline Roggan and Aurel Mertz go in search of good news: They visit people who don’t moan, but take action – for example when it comes to energy, mobility, food, housing and nature. The festival is showing two episodes of the 6-part SWR series, which takes a concrete approach to the topic of climate. Aurel Mertz and Pheline Roggan debunk myths in episode 3 and try Bavarian pea burgers, among other things. And Bjarne Mädel checks how many unnecessary kilometers our food travels on its journey around the world.

Why do good ideas often not prevail? This question is the subject of episode 6, in which Bjarne Mädel and Anke Engelke ask political economist Maja Göpel what needs to change in the economic system. Their journey takes them to the Ahr Valley and to the first climate-neutral beer brewer in the Allgäu.

Claire Roggan studied cultural studies and history in Berlin and Barcelona. She has been working as a freelance filmmaker in Hamburg and Berlin since 2013. Lars Jessen, is a producer, director and screenwriter. He became famous with films such as “Dorfpunks” and “Mittagsstunde”. He has shot numerous episodes of “Großstadtrevier”, “Polizeiruf” and “Tatort”. Laura Lo Zito is an actress and director and works alternately for theater, film and television.
Claire Roggan (Episode 3), Laura Lo Zito and Lars Jessen (Episode 6)
Lars Jessen, Harry Flöter, Jörg Siepmann
Anke Engelke, Bjarne Mädel, Annette Frier, Axel Prahl, Aurel Mertz and Pheline Roggan

Dazu im Gespräch:

Im Anschluss vertiefen Wissenschaftler:innen und Expert:innen die Themen des Films, liefern wichtige Zusatzinformationen und beantworten Fragen.

Prof. Dr. Maja Göpel

Politökonomin und Nachhaltigkeitsexpertin

Lars Jessen


Pheline Roggan

Schauspielerin und Aktivistin

Claire Roggan


Moderation: Britta Steffenhagen


Moderation: Julia Vismann


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